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Contact: Carl Forhan



October 4, 2006

ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird Productions announced today that it has acquired Quest Machine, which published the innovative Heroes Incorporated board game in 2004. As part of the deal, Songbird has received the remaining inventory of Heroes Incorporated plus the previously unpublished S.U.P.E.R. expansion, including all rights for reprints and future expansions.

Heroes Incorporated introduces players to the next generation of crime fighters. Each player leads two super-powered heroes against a legion of bad guys. The goal is not only to stop the villains, but also to become more popular than any of the other super teams in the city. Each team competes for the same goal: to become the only officially elected and funded Defenders of Megapolis!

"Heroes Incorporated is an outstanding gateway game with a classic superhero theme," commented Songbird founder Carl Forhan. "It's easy to learn yet quite competitive in play. I'm thrilled to be able to expand Songbird's business into the board game arena through the Quest Machine label." Quest Machine founder Sam Clifford, designer of Heroes Incorporated, was equally excited about the deal: "Songbird has shown a lot of enthusiasm about the Heroes Incorporated brand; I look forward to see what they can do to support and enhance the game for years to come."

To commemorate this event, Songbird has announced special discounted pricing for Quest Machine merchandise when you order direct from the online Songbird store. Until the end of October 2006, Heroes Incorporated is only $24.95 plus tax and shipping, and the S.U.P.E.R. expansion is only $22.95 plus tax and shipping. Starting November 1st, the prices will return to their MSRP.

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